Marshall Victoria Tight Top Firm 13" Mattress

Marshall Victoria Tight Top Firm 13" Mattress

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The Victoria Tight Top Firm 13" mattress is a fantastic introductory mattress to the Marshall Mattress line, providing a superior sleeping experience for various body types and sleep positions. It is meticulously crafted by hand with premium foams, such as Aireluxe Foam, and natural fibers, ensuring a high-quality product. The mattress's unique construction allows each side to provide exceptional resiliency, reducing sleep disturbance. With its superior craftsmanship and unique design, the Victoria Tight Top mattress provides a peaceful and restful sleep experience, night after night.

Coil Count

Twin 472 | Twin XL 504 | Double 663 | Queen 842 | King 1052 


Twin 38 x 10.5 x 74 
Twin XL 38 x 10.5 x 80 
Double 53 x 10.5 x 74 
Queen 60 x 10.5 x 80 
King 76 x 10.5 x 80 

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