What is Mattress Coil Gauge?

Mattress coil gauge is a measure of the thickness of the wire used to make a mattress coil. It essentially tells you how firm a mattress will feel. Counterintuitively, the lower the coil gauge the thicker the coil.

A low coil gauge means the mattress will be firm. 

A high coil gauge means the mattress will have more give. 

high-gauge mattress coil

Most pocket-coil mattress coil gauges range from 13 to 15, so if you want a mattress with more give, then a coil gauge higher than 14 is best, but if you want a firmer mattress, then a gauge of 14 or lower is best.

Note that just because a mattress has a higher gauge (thinner wire) does not mean the mattress is poor quality. Many other factors affect the quality of the mattress build, such as the quality of the steel used. 

Coil Count

Generally, the higher the coil count the more even the support and the more comfortable the mattress. A well-built pocket-coil mattress will provide excellent back support and last for 8 to 10 years.

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